How do you deal with the realities and shock of losing your job? How do you get a new position, one that is more interesting and better paid? How do you manage job interviews effectively? How do you respond to tricky questions posed by recruiters? William Alexandre tackles all these questions and more in his latest book So You Lost Your Job: What Next?

Raising himself up from a number of years fraught with hardship and failure, William Alexandre is today a respected expert in a major international group. In the space of just a few years, he succeeded in kick-starting his career and multiplying his salary by nine.
With his characteristic humility and honesty, William Alexandre lays out his method drawn from the lessons of his own very real success. He also offers practical advice on how to overcome fear, stress, disappointment and discouragement. In this essay you will discover the key to turning a period of unemployment into a real opportunity to enhance your career, and your life.

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